Bulletproof Coffee – What is is?

There’s a funny thing I discovered recently that’s really changed my mornings — Bulletproof Coffee .  When I first read about it, I was a bit repulsed because it was such a counter-intuitive idea.  The thought of coffee surrounding itself in grass-fed butter and overly-rich coconut oil made my stomach squeal.  However, as I researched more, I was thoroughly intrigued.

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From the articles I’ve read, some of the benefits for putting grass-fed butter and MCT or coconut oil in your coffee includes:

  • An immediate surge of energy in the morning that lasts throughout the day without a sudden crash
  • Hunger supressant
  • Caffeine jittery DESTROYER
  • Butyrate — shown to decrease inflammation in the gut and decrease your chance of having colon cancer
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) — studies have shown CLA creates a positive effect on weight management.  CLA has the ability to decrease total body fat and promote lean mass
  • Beta-carotene — antioxidant


The Results:

After gathering information to make sure this isn’t some elaborate prank by ultimate jerk trolls, I tried bulletproof coffee.  I didn’t have the special mycotoxin free beans that’ were suggested by Dave Asprey (creator of the “Bulletproof Coffee” marking label), so I used a local fair trade organic blend, 1 Tbps of MCT oil, and 1.5 Tbps of Kerrygold grass-fed butter.

Wow!  This drink is god damn delicious!  It’s kind of like a latte, if you punched the latte in the face with pure fat.  It tasted very good, but it was also very rich.  I think I overdid it with the butter for my first glass because I felt a bit sick shortly after drinking it on an empty stomach.  Almost immediately after finishing my cup, I could feel the clean energy people were talking about; no jittery-ness, no anxiety, just clear wakefulness.

Four hours after my first glass, it was lunchtime but I didn’t feel the need to eat.  I used to eat 2 eggs every morning, sometimes with kale, banana, almond milk shake, and by 10:30am or 11:00am, I’d be hungry again.  With the bulletproof coffee, my hunger was suppressed and the mental clarity was amazing.

Placebo effect?  Maybe, but who cares, this coffee is delicious.  Even if turns out to have zero effects on my body, I’d still love to drink it everyday on the taste alone.  I’d recommend trying this to see how you like it.  I will update in a few weeks and see how this new routine plays out.

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